JustMarkets builds the future
of financial technology

JustMarkets is an international IT product company. Deeply understanding the needs of our clients, we provide a comfortable and transparent fintech environment, striving to provide the best conditions and service. Our team has unique experience in research, analysis, and product development. We create disruptive innovations that define the future of fintech and are the foundation of our success by relying on technical insights and a data-driven approach.

Our values


Customers First

Everything we do, we do for our customers. By updating existing services or creating new ones, we primarily strive 
to make them simple and convenient for customers



We earn trust by making and keeping promises. We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully.


Passionate about work

We enjoy our work, love what we do, and have fun. We challenge ourselves, motivate ourselves and exceed ourselves.


Continuous learning

We are never done learning and always seek to improve ourselves. We learn from and mentor those around us.



We value completing tasks instead of just talking about them. To be successful, we must have extremely high standards and work harder and smarter than everyone else.



We never say, “that’s not my job." We think long term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.

Customers First
Passionate about work
Continuous learning







Choose Your Team

We strive to find a perfect place for every member of the JustMarkets
family and make sure everyone can reach their full potential.

Why work here

We offer excellent working conditions and a full range of
opportunities for professional and career growth

Permanent improving

The world is constantly changing,and we must change with it.Whether you are changing yourselfor creating change yourself,both are the best kinds of change.Develop yourself with our help.

Ownership mindset

We achieve more with fewer expenses.Constraints breed resourcefulness,self-sufficiency, and ingenuity.

Act as one

Our main strength lies in the unity of views,approaches,and principlesfor achieving our common goals.

How we hire

We know hiring processes can seem overwhelming, but we don’t want you to
feel overwhelmed at JustMarkets. We want all candidates – from entry level to
leadership – to have access to the same information and resources

1. Application Review

We carefully review each application to ensure we select candidates who will be successful in their respective roles.

2. Interview

You’ll learn more about the role and us and why you may be a great fit for our firm.

3. Offer

At this stage, you will receive an email with an offer letter, including details about your start date and compensation.

4. Onboarding

We will lead you by the hand through all the nuances of working at JustMarkets.

You’re in a good company

We strive to find a perfect place for every member of the JustMarkets
family and make sure everyone can reach their full potential.

Koa, System Administrator

Koa, System Administrator

It is interesting to work on complex tasks, I learn new things every day and do not regret a minute of my time here. 
I will be glad to have new employees in our team! JustMarkets is an opportunity to make the me learn new things.
Faraji, International Lawyer

Faraji, International Lawyer

What really surprised me was the individual approach to the development of each employee. I have been in the process of constantly changing and improving my skills with the support of 
a team of professionals.
Alexandros, International Lawyer

Alexandros, International Lawyer

Working as an international lawyer at JustMarkets has provided me with invaluable insights. I am deeply impressed by the company's unwavering commitment to expanding horizons and fostering a creative approach in all aspects of our work. Furthermore, JustMarkets goes above and beyond to provide additional opportunities for personal growth for every team member.

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